what we do


We love travelling, the Earth is our muse. We’ve seen some amazing places and met some truly inspiring people

on our paths and we feel a touch of everyone we’ve come across takes place within our designs. Moved by smells, inspired by sounds and in awe of the views of each destination –nothing excites us more than the gorgeous products

and the talented people behind these handcrafted gems. Here at Fotini, our aim is to bring these unique pieces

to you and keep the craft of the people alive.

our products

Our products are designed, created and sourced direct from the artisan, so you can expect a range of one offs

or limited editions featured within our selection. We endeavour to keep our product range fresh and ongoing,

taking pride in bringing our customers a unique, tailored shopping experience with the most beautiful collection

of artisan goods.

our leather

Our Leather products are sourced from merchants near and far, bringing you handcrafted pieces

from the finest selection of products available.

our jewellery

You can expect the finest sterling silver within our jewellery pieces, to both enhance and hold together

our unique designs. This makes our promise to you of high quality, resistant and long wear jewellery.

our pieces


We are constantly designing, sourcing and creating. It's in our nature to explore and discover amazing pieces,

whether it be jewellery, leather or accessories. Our pieces are all individually hand crafted and sourced.

Each individual piece may vary in colour and size, and should be appreciated as a unique one-off item.

Due to limited stones and materials used in the creation of our pieces, our stock may be limited.

We are always open to feedback from our valued customers, and love hearing your thoughts and stories.

Please feel free to get in touch at any time to offer suggestions or reviews either by email,

or over on our Instagram @Fotinidesigns





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